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With SoulBodyDetox cleansing, the aim is to nourish your body whilst you detox with natural 100% organic herbs and supplements which are free from fillers and binders. All ingredients are in Eco-friendly containers helping to Feng Shui the planet too.

Add a free energy to your body. Let’s eat Chi

Mucus-free means food which does not form dampness within the tissues and around the organs. This is based on ancient teachings from Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM). When you are cleansing it is helpful to replace acidic mucus-forming food, with more alkaline organic plant-based, mucus-free food–raw, or gently cooked, or steamed food. After cleansing, you can experience a change in your energetics, especially after eating years of processed and a standard heavy animal protein diet.
You create space between your cells and tissues, and, the connecting hormone and neurotransmitter receptor sites. This helps to rewire the body’s bio-electrics and allows the cells to breathe.

Good cleansing is akin to real health insurance.

Thank you for your inspiring energy and setting me on the path with liver cleansing and detoxing


Improved health benefits so quickly after several years of chronic illness.


I used to weigh 11 stone 4 and now I am 10 stone. And I’m lean and my fitness levels are fantastic

Organic plant-based and mucus-free food can help to nourish whilst you detox

Add Organic, and wild raw food
It the capacity to help increase healthy gut microbiome - see the Somatid cycle by Gaston Naessen. Eating raw plant based food whilst cleansing encompasses mostly fruit, and most fruit contains seeds. And contains no mold; it also may contain the soluble fibre inulin. Inulin has a prebiotic role in the intestine and helps to promote healthy gut microbiome that maintains both a healthy colon and balanced immunity. Prebiotic rich food helps to prevent constipation and also helps to create a feeling of having had enough to eat. Mucus-free and plant-based raw food has not been heated above 48 degrees centigrade /117 degrees Fahrenheit. Please avoid cold raw food at every meal especially in a damp climate. Help to create fire in your belly at every meal

Mucus free, raw food  helps to cleanse and heal the human body on a physical level and is best prepared in a way that is easy to digest and smooth, adding sprouted seeds, nuts, beans; and making mylks can all help; and creating good bacteria by adding fermented food and drinks. All these modalities can help create bioavailability; living raw plant-based food helps to hydrate and contains electrical living prana and antioxidants helping to create vital energy whilst the body cleanses; and helps to keep the blood at a healthy pH of 7.3; due to less mucus it helps to create the connection between the spaces in and around the cells; it is free from processed carbs and sugars

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You can have your own home detox retreat right in your own familiar and comfortable home space. Each day you can connect in with Susan and she will help to guide you through the start of each day making sure you are on track. If you have never done any kind of cleansing then you need to begin with cleansing the kidneys, followed by cleansing the colon, followed by cleansing the liver and gallbladder. This is why SoulBodyDetox has come up with the SoulBodyDetox Complete Cleanse Kit.

The SoulBodyDetox Complete Cleanse Kit comes with everything you need for the step-by-step approach. The beautifully illustrated booklet will guide you through each step for each cleanse.

If you have completed cleansing before you can follow the steps you require by clicking on the cleanse you need below.

1 to 1 Personalized 5 day liver, gallbladder cleanse in your own home

Have you ever felt you could do with a personalised 1 - 1 liver, gallbladder cleanse?
Well this could be what you need right here and now.
You can stay in your home with your familiar comfortable surroundings and have daily guidance with Susan making sure you keep track and have the support you need.

The basic package is £200 which includes guided and empowered step by step tips, plus SoulBodyDetox supplements for the cleanse which is sent to you.

You can also have the choice of adding extras such as nutritional healing sessions.

Please contact Susan by email at or by phone to ask more questions and book in your personalized 1 to 1 SoulBodyDetox liver, gallbladder cleanse.
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