About Susan and Her Recovery to Health 

Susan ‘s recovery to health involved nourishment on many levels. She had suffered from  “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” or PTSD.  In a nutshell, her immune system had taken a dive. This was triggered by becoming emotionally overwhelmed or stressed by unresolved past life events and a course of antibiotics for tonsillitis. During the time she had fallen ill, she had to give up her work, sell her house, and she was off work then, for around 4 years.

Susan has had many years experience with iridology, naturopathy, and nutrition.

PTSD Symptoms

Extreme loss of weight; Jaundice; Amenorrhoea; Abnormal cravings for certain food; Mood swings with bouts of crying for not reason; Depression and low energy; Feelings of helplessness and suicide; Complete loss of spirit and feelings of numbness; Loss of confidence; Loss of libido; Feelings of dissociation and not wanting too socialise; Aches and pains down sides of legs; Insomnia; Inability to relax and anxiety not helped by lack of gut bacteria, IBS and dysbiosis -there was a complete absence of Lactobacillus acidophilus growth, diagnosed by a lab stool test. All bacteria have consciousness and they feel the stress too – the course  of antibiotics before falling ill for tonsillitis greatly affected the  gut microbiome; Sinusitis; Allergies and extreme nausea; Constant mental and physical fatigue; Hypoglycaemia; Achlorhydria – absence of hydrochloric acid in the stomach; Extreme low amino acid profile

Cleansing your inner pipes is like adding real health insurance

Stillness, meditation and connecting to yourself

Susan began with Chinese Medicine which involved  bitter Chinese Herbs and acupuncture. This helped to rebalance the hormonal system. During this time Susan discovered meditation  and began to meditate daily which helped to reduce the anxiety.

In 2006 Susan then came across Iridologist, John Andrews, with whom she trained with, and after a consultation, he informed Susan to eat organic raw food; chew her food well; and follow her intuition.  Susan was told that her main physiological imbalance was dysbiosis and chronic hypoglycemia. And anyone who has a low immune system needs to avoid all processed sugar. Sugar has a huge effect on your immune system, the neutrophils (white blood cells) are not able to function with the action of phagocytosis (cell eating) by up to 5 hours.  80% of your immunity is in the GUT which means having a healthy gut microbiome

Susan was fortunate enough to attend many beautifully led plant medicine ceremonies and then  in 2014 Susan go to visit the Brazilian Amazon jungle and spent time with the Huni Kuin tribe where she learned a lot about life . Later on in 2018 Susan once again got to visit the Amazon, this time it was Peru.  Susan continued to let get go of what was not her and more deep seated PTSD. Susan avoids all stimulants and avoids anything which takes her out of her body.
Connecting to stillness allows you to find the answers within.

Intention is medicine

Susan gradually introduced the uncooked raw organic plant-based food into her daily life and learned to be gentle with herself and always learning from her mistakes.

During this time Susan began a liquid diet, learning to chew on the liquids.

Susan noticed improvement in clarity, focus and concentration.  Feeling more energised and generally happier. Digestion improved and the dysbiosis symptoms were reduced, and the skin began to glow.

You are not only what you eat, but, what you can digest in life.
If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

Cleansing and nourishment 

Mucus-free food is based on nature and it is mentioned in Traditional Chinese Medicine, although mucus is referred to dampness. 
Food is at its best when it is wild and organic. Further improvement in health can be experienced when you introduce this way of living. Susan also her health improve by carrying out cellular rejuvenation, such as colon cleansing and liver cleansing.

The body is like a fine-tuned instrument and is capable of choosing the correct nourishment when you are in alignment .

 Susan Laing

Susan Laing M.Ir M.G.N.I N.H.F.Dip D.Pod.M
initially trained as a Podiatrist, before coming to study in natural medicine. This change of direction was inspired due to her own poor health and PTSD.  She studied with 3 different iridology colleges, and laterally with one of the top leading iridologists in the world. She is also trained in naturopathy, nutritional healing, cell rejuvenation, and, is the author of Love Your Liver, Feel Alive.

Susan’s path into  natural medicine and meditation began when there was much-needed self-exploration and inquiry, due to her own poor health.

Susan is a member of:-
The General Naturopathic Council – GNC

The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International