Cleanse and Rejuvenate with SoulBodyDetox


When you Feng Shui you’re inner pipes this can make a huge difference to your over health and wellbeing. This is achieved whilst you nourish and reset your equilibrium.

So how do you do this?

It is a step by step approach so you ease yourself into everyday life. There are many different ways to fast and just by avoiding certain food types and adding healthier options can help transform your being.

With SoulBodyDetox cleansing, the aim is to nourish you whilst you detox with natural 100% organic herbs and supplements which are free from fillers and binders. All ingredients are in Eco-friendly containers helping to Feng Shui the planet too.

When I started the SoulBodyDetox liver and gallbladder cleanse I was 11 stone. I am now weighing 10 stone! And I’m lean and my fitness levels are fantastic – Andrea.

Add a free currency to your body by adding more wild plant-based, mucus-free food to your plate and glass whilst you cleanse. Let’s eat Chi.

Mucus-free means food which does not form dampness within the tissues and around the organs. This is based on ancient teachings from Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM). When you are cleansing it is helpful to replace acidic mucus-forming food, with more alkaline organic plant-based, mucus-free food – raw or gently cooked or steamed food. After cleansing, you can experience a change in your energetics or prana especially after eating years of processed and a standard heavy animal protein diet.
You create space between your cells and tissues, and, the connecting hormone and neurotransmitter receptor sites. This helps to rewire the body’s bio-electrics and allows the cells to breathe.

However, it is also important to create warmth when adding more of the uncooked food, so as to avoid depletion of the spleen and liver energy.

Good cleansing is akin to real health insurance.

“Thank you for your inspiring energy and setting me on the path with liver cleansing and detoxing.”


Improved health benefits so quickly after several years of chronic illness.


Organic plant-based and mucus-free food can help to nourish whilst you detox

  • Organic, wild (which means non-hybridized) food
  • It has the capacity to help increase healthy gut microbiome. See the somatid cycle by Gaston Naessen on Google
  • It encompasses mostly fruit, most fruit contains seeds
  • It contains no mold It also when we avoid most of the typical grains that have sitting on the shelf for a long time.
  • A lot of mucus-free plant-based raw food contains the soluble fibre inulin, especially chicory. Inulin has a prebiotic role in the intestine – it helps to promote healthy gut microbiome that maintains both a healthy colon and balanced immunity
  • Prebiotics help to prevent constipation and also helps to create a feeling of having had enough to eat
    Mucus -free plant-based raw food can also help to prevent over-eating, too much mucus can create false hunger
  • Uncooked or raw food is that which has not been heated above 48 degrees centigrade /117 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is important to avoid cold raw food at every meal especially in a damp climate. So warming energetics needs to be created to energize the earth element – stomach, spleen and, pancreas
  • To help cleanse and heal the human body on a physical level it is best that food is prepared in a way that is easy to digest; smooth food, and adding sprouted seeds, nuts, beans; and making mylks; and also fermenting food and drinks making all the ingredients more bioavailable
  • Living raw plant-based food helps to hydrate the cells as it contains living water. It is one of the purest forms of water, outside our body, for hydration of the body.
  • It has biophotonic energy, full of electrical light
  • It contains a lot of spare free electrons, antioxidants and can help to create vital energy in the body when cleansing
  • It helps to keep the blood at a healthy pH of 7.3 whilst cleansing
  • It helps to create the connection between the spaces in tissues and around organs – less mucus
  • It is free from harmful mucus forming processed sugar and starchy carbs

Your body is sacred and so treat it with love and respect

Seeds are the essence of rebirth and life

Most fruit these days has been hybridized and contains more sugar than your body can cope with, along with the fact they are devoid of seeds.  You need seeds in your plants and fruit, as they renew everything in life. The seed of life is but one continual harmonious cycle. The wonderful Vandana Shiva talks on the problem of genetically modified seeds in this video. Click here for video

Examples of some plant-based and mucus-free food, more info in SoulBodyDetox booklet and short video (on its way) that comes with the detox kits

  • Cucumber or cuke
  • Sulphur-rich brassica family: broccoli, cauliflower; cabbage; Brussel sprouts etc
  • Nightshade family: Bell pepper, tomato, aubergine, chili pepper – these are best avoided if there is a lot of inflammation in the body as they contain the inflammatory toxin solanine
  • Avocado
  • Asparagus
  • Pear, Apple, Fig
  • Nuts: soaked and sprouted; it is best to avoid legumes i.e peanuts or cashews, these are high in molds especially if suffering from a disease. Most disease is associated with fungus and low microbiome. It is wise to avoid all nuts and seeds if suffering from autoimmune imbalances due to the presence of molds and lectins unitl the body has become more balanced. It is best to avoid nuts and seeds, all fats during the liver/gallbladder cleanse
  • Zucchini/courgette and so on

Purchase your SoulBodyDetox cleanse kit today

If you have never done any kind of detoxing then you need to begin with cleansing the kidneys, followed by cleansing the colon, followed by cleansing the liver and gallbladder. This is why SoulBodyDetox has come up with the SoulBodyDetox Complete Cleanse Kit.

The SoulBodyDetox Complete Cleanse Kit comes with everything you need for the step-by-step approach. The beautifully illustrated booklet will guide you through each step for each cleanse.

If you have completed cleansing before you can follow the steps you require by clicking on the cleanse you need below. All cleanses come with an illustrated  booklet  with beautiful illustrations on recycled paper

SoulBodyDetox is all about Feng Shui in your body and being eco-friendly for the planet.

1 to 1 Personalized 5 day liver, gallbladder cleanse in UK

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You can also have the choice of adding extras such as body massage, colonic and iridology with nuritional healing.

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