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SoulBodyDetox Retreats are held at the beautiful Monte Mariposa retreat center. The retreat center is located near to one of the most charming towns, Tavira. Tavira is also referred to as the Venice of the Algrave due to the labyrinth of cobbled streets are traditionally tiled houses.Tavira has one of most wonderful local fruit and vegetable markets in Algarve.

Monte Mariposa means butterfly and is well named as it holds the perfect space for you to experience transformation and metamorphosis in your life. The butterfly also represents lightness of being and  playfulness. This retreat center is situated on top of a hill surrounded by iridescent flowering bushes and fragrant blossoms, and multitude of exotic birds and wildlife. The grounds are maintained within a wild natural landscape. Allowing each person to explore the surrounding countryside and connecting to nature and yourself in peaceful rustic surroundings.

Susan has had many years experience with naturopathy, nutrition, and holding various health-related workshops, and talks. Susan is also a trained Kambo facilitator.

So what is unique about SoulbodyDetox Retreats?

SoulBodyDetox retreats involve deep cleansing, on many levels, soul, body and mind, and all the whilst being nourished and rejuvenated. Kambo is added to the programme which helps to prepare the body by reducing the imflammation in the body. Kambo also helps to remove stagnancy on many levels. You can read more about kambo at thekambokiss.com

The SoulBodyDetox natural herbs and other cleansing supplements are supplied on a daily basis and help to prepare the body and liver for elimination of stones and debris on a very deep level, all the whilst helping the body to release old unwanted negative emotions.

After running quite few retreats SoulBodyDetox retreats coud see that offering more choices for you seemed like a good idea. At SoulBodyDetox we aim to be of service and offer the basic package with additional therpaies added on top which allows  you to be in control of your wallet.

The basic retreat includes the SoulBodyDetox cleanse programme, accomodation and delicious plant based food. You have the choice of adding therapies such as massage, multidimensional iridology, Kambo ceremny 1 to 1, shamanic healing is all possible. you can read more of what is inclusive below

 The SoulBodyDetox retreat will help you to:

  • Optimize your immunity, and help reduce inflammation,and help to trigger stem cell production
  • Rebalance your body and bring it back to equilibrium with freshly prepared healthy and tasty and satisfying plant-based meals loaded with enzymes and living chi 
  • Eliminate and reduce unhealthy cravings and addictions
  • Clear ‘stuckness ‘ and remove emotional blockages
  • Rebalance adrenal, thyroid and other endocrine pathways such as blood sugar levels, and liver exhaustion
  • Create feelings of groundedness, relaxation, and feelings of happiness – producing more neurotransmitters
  • Adds years to your whole body, looking and feeling younger, and improve skin conditions
  • Allow you to lose up to 7lbs/3kg in weight
  • Reset the bio-electrics, increase vital force
  • Feel sexier and full of Pzaz
  • Improve your focus, memory, enthusiasm, and drive in life

This retreat is a wonderful opportunity of a lifetime to enhance your health and well-being surrounded with professional support and a relaxing ambiance. You can also look upon it as a real health insurance for you!

“From a psychological perspective, the retreat has helped me return to a more centred state of being. I feel a greater sense of peace and find myself pausing before reacting.”


“This retreat was so much more than just a liver and gallbladder cleanse. Susan managed to bring together the perfect mix of detox and shamanic practices to make this the ultimate week for mind, body and soul.”


“Thank you for your inspiring energy and setting me on the path with liver cleansing and detoxing. I feel re-energised after our week in Portugal and lost 3kg in the process.”


Nunu passed many bile stones and much more during his colonic.

Sula passed many gall stones during the colonic and continued to do so all day. The colonic therapist said she had never seen such good results from any kind of cleansing before!

SoulBodyDetox retreat includes:

  • Delicious satisfying freshly created mucus-free and plant-based food demos with delicious recipes to take away
  • Hands on food prep in the kitchen so you can become the alchemist in your kitchen
  • Invaluable nutritional and naturopathic information and tips with in depth knowledge on how to liver cleanse
  • 100% Natural SoulBodyDetox formulas and other healing oils/packs/enema pack
  • Yoga and pranayama on the rooftop
  • Sananga Ceremony with drumming and how to journey -  learn more about the ancestral Amazonian eye drops  by clicking here 
  • Sweat lodge
  • Daily meditation on the roof top
  • Outdoor swimming pool set in lush natural surroundings
  • Transfers to and from Faro airport
  • Accomodation with next door bathroom
  • Trip to Tavira and market


Choices of what you can add to your retreat and is extra cost:

  • Massages sessions - 1 hour £45
  • Shamanic Healing including a reading and energetic signals -  1 hour 30 minute sessions £74
  • Multidimensional Iridology session with nutrition - 1 hour  £45
  • 1 to 1 Kambo sessions  £55 - learn more about Kambo  thekambokiss.com 
  • Colonic irrrigation £65

On the last day of the retreat we will get to visit the beautiful coastal town Tavira where you can shop  and eat out at the amazing vegetarian restaurant Bio.Tequim where delicious plant based food is served along with mouth-watering raw desserts. It is here where we all can gather together and  close the retreat and share our experiences with one another.

Retreat Dates and catch the Early Bird

The next retreat is being held at the beautiful rustic retreat center, Monte Mariposa, Algarve  July 2nd-9th, 2020.
Arriving 2nd of July opening time 12 noon. Closing time 9th of July 12 noon.
Faro airport is the only airport in Algarve. And only 20 minutes away from Monte Mariposa Rereat Centre.

Early Bird Price £600 before 15th of February. After this date £650.
Deposit or 1st installment can be paid, see below. Deposit is non-returnable.

If you are interested in Uk retreats please go to this link and see Retreats in the Uk
Susan runs 1-1 5 day liver cleansing in Glastonbury and co-hosts other retreats in the Uk too
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To book your place you can either book online using the items below, contact me directly by phone or by email info@soulbodydetox.com.

Places are limited on SoulBodyDetox retreats so book early to secure your place and cheaper flight.