During the 1st consultation, the root cause of a person’s dis-EASE or imbalance will be revealed. Susan uses a high magnified Iris loop/torch and also uses several other body reading techniques, such as the Chinese Five Elements, Chinese tongue, and facial diagnostics; and other ancient traditional Naturopathic Body Readings.

There may be iris signs revealing tendencies to:

*  food intolerances
*  allergies
*  basic mineral/vitamin deficiencies
*  imbalances of specific enzymes, and hormones/neurotransmitters
*  organ imbalances tendencies showing up too.

For this reason, the initial advice plan will vary from person to person. 

Working with nature empowers an individual and helps one to learn to use and listen to your own body’s wisdom and therefore regaining your own responsibility and choices of your new healthy wellbeing.

The consultation involves advice on naturopathic techniques and nutrition. You can learn more here.
A follow-up consultation is often recommended and this can be received via skype also.

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