What is Multi-dimensional Iridology  

Multidimensional Iridology is about accessing information about you! The eyes convey the inherited genetic physiological aspects, and health imbalance tendencies, and the emotional, and spiritual dynamics too. 
The Time Risk method, which was created by an Italian ENT consultant allows the iridologist to pick up emotional trauma, and the period this occurred.

You have the power to change up to 80% of your genetic tendencies!
With this new tailor-made blueprint information given to you on the first visit, after looking into the eyes, you can help transition onto a new empowered path of health and wellbeing. This can be done with:-


  • Detoxing and Cellular Rejuvenation using naturopathic techniques such as colon, liver and kidney cleansing
  • Optimal nutrition
  • Lifestyle change
  • Vibrational flower healing remedies

Multidimensional iridology allows an iridologist to access where there may be stuckness in a person’s life. This stuck energy usually leads to dis-EASE. 

Modern Iridology

Modern iridology involves the study of the iris, and, more importantly, the study of the cells around the pupil, inner pupil border cells  –  IPB . It is well documented, and an accepted fact, that these inner pupillary border cells are used as a form of diagnosis in the medical and scientific field in countries like Italy, Russia, South America etc. These cells around the pupil are an extension of the same tissue as your brain and spinal cord. In fact, it is the only visible aspect of the nervous system to the naked eye. 



The area of the eye that an iridologist will study is referred to as the frontal aspect of the eye. It contains a myriad of nerve endings and blood vessels that are connected to the spinal nerves, as well as the hypothalamus and other glands within the brain.

The eyes may reveal tendencies to imbalances within many of the body systems such as:- thyroid and pancreas; other glands; low hydrochloric acid levels; poor assimilation of nutrients; stomach/duodenal ulcerations; constipation; IBS and other bowel imbalances and more



The eyes, or the windows to the soul also reveal emotional trauma, and also the year this may have occurred.  All iridology consultations include nutrition and naturopathy.

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