Cleanse and nourish with Susan with additional  guidance on your body type



Did you know you have the power to change up to 80% of your genetic tendencies?
You can empower yourself by changing your energetics, mindset and diet and lifestyle. What amazing   knowledge! And to have this power in your own hands.

To book an online personalised session with Susan just one click away and a chat on the phone. Susan can help guide you through the steps on how to  transition into a new empowered path of health and wellbeing and wholeness. This can be helped along with:-


  • Detoxing and Cellular Rejuvenation using naturopathic techniques such as colon, liver and kidney cleansing and SoulBodyDetox kits, videos and booklets
  • Optimal nutrition for your body type
  • Positive lifestyle change
  • Vibrational flower healing remedies

Susan Laing M.Ir M.G.N.I N.H.F.Dip D.Pod.M is a member of:-
The General Naturopathic Council – GNC 
The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International