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Have you ever felt you could do with a personal  1 to 1 liver, gallbladder cleanse?
Well this could be what you need right here.
You can visit Glastonbury and stay for 5 days taking each step of the way with personal guidance knowing that you can just relax and enjoy the beautiful Avalon suroundings whilst you Feng Shui your internal pipes and return to your spirit.

The basic package is £400 which includes accomodation, meals made for you, guided and empowered stap by step tips on health and how to approach you liver cleanse, plus SoulBodyDetox supplements for the cleanse.

You can also have the choice of adding extras such as body massage, colonic and iridology with nuritional healing. Although it is thoroughly recommended you have a colonic after the lver cleanse.

Please contact Susan by email at or by phone to ask more questions and book in your personalized 1 to 1 SoulBodyDetox liver, gallbladder cleanse





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Susan Laing