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SoulBodyDetox-logo 2SoulBodyDetox Oxy Flush

This wonderful colon eliminator introduces oxygen and magnesium into the colon
It is used alongside the SoulBodyDetox colon; parasite and liver, gallbladder cleanses.

The SoulBodyDetox cleansing herbs help to assist in the breakdown of debris that has built up over the years. The herbs also help to nourish the body with minerals and various other nutrients such as antioxidants. You need to nourish and rejuvenate, at the same time as you cleanse, otherwise, you can become too depleted.

The magnesium in the Oxy Flush helps to relax the colon and assist elimination whilst clearing out years of built-up debris that has been softened by the SoulBodyDetox cleansing herbs. The Oxygen helps to provide an oxygenated environment preventing unwanted and unhealthy bacteria and other critters.
The use of the Oxy Flush is not recommended to use on a daily basis unless you are on a detox regime. Continued loose bowel weakens the small intestine chi.

Eat ORGANIC fruit and vegetables whilst doing a colon cleanse for around 7-10 days. The vegetables can be raw, steamed or gently cooked. If in the raw format it could be smoothies, juices or soups. This liquid form is helpful for people who have inflammatory bowel conditions.  Avoid all processed food, deep fried and oils.

Take up to 1 heaped tsp twice daily in a little spring water with a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice for the colon cleanse. This can be increased up to 1 whole Tbsp if need be.

Follow the protocols for the amount and how often for the liver, gallbladder cleanse by clicking here

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