Testimonials for SoulBodyDetox Retreats


This video was created by Sula who passed many liver stones! The colonic therapist said that she had never experienced such results after a cleanse


This video has Nunu sharing his experience before he went for his colonic. He passed many stones too



It really is your health insurance – Rachel

This was my second time on the SoulBodyDetox retreat with Susan. I am a big fan of liver cleansing and this was the 8th time that I had gone through the process. Each time I get slightly different results, but there is always an improvement in my overall health.

On the SoulBodyDetox retreat we had the most amazing food, prepared and demonstrated by Susan. I was never hungry. It is a very deep cleanse, and the body goes through many noticeable changes through the week with any puffiness or bloating disappearing. 



My consciousness has shifted – Rox

On the retreat, we got to watch mucus free raw food being prepared and we got the benefits of being nourished by it too. Surprisingly, I did not feel hungry during the retreat even though it seemed like we were eating very little. I left Portugal feeling elated just less than a week ago and I am pleased to say the feeling has lasted. Whilst I can notice some obvious benefits: glowing skin, weight loss and feeling more energised, the greatest benefit has been in how my consciousness has shifted.

I feel blessed to have shared so many beautiful experiences with everyone, especially the sweat lodge at the end of the retreat.



Ultimate week for mind, body, and soul – Niaby


I have just returned from an incredible week in Portugal on Susan Laing’s liver and gallbladder detox and I’m still blown away by all the amazing experiences that I had there.

This retreat was so much more than just a liver and gallbladder cleanse. Susan managed to bring together the perfect mix of detox and shamanic practices to make this the ultimate week for mind, body, and soul.

From rebirthing to a beautiful ceremony within a sweat lodge, this retreat provided everything that I could have possibly wanted on a retreat and so much more.

I really can’t recommend this retreat enough. Susan is truly inspirational!




I feel more alive and energized – Sara

This SoulBodyDetox liver, gallbladder cleanse has been absolutely amazing! During this cleansing process, I noticed that my whole body responded positively to the plant-based, mucus-free raw food and accompanying naturopathic treatments. My digestion and mood improved. The demos on the SoulBodyDetox retreat, were hugely educational, with an abundance of information and wisdom. The dishes were fabulously balanced and delicious and I experienced no hunger!  When I returned home, it was during the colonic that I passed a lot of candida, bile stones, and parasites. Now I feel more focused and ready for NOW, alive and energized. So many people commented on how fabulous I looked, particularly my skin.

I feel re-energized after our week in Portugal and lost 3KG – Barry

What a great week for me in Portugal.

So much to take in and I must confess the urine therapy has got my brain working overtime.

Please count me in for another cleanse next summer.

Thank you for your inspiring energy and setting me on the path with liver cleansing and detoxing. I feel re-energised after our week in Portugal and lost 3KG in the process.  I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in their own health and happiness





The most relaxed I have ever been! I really liked this new Emma – Emma

Having had issues with my liver for the previous year as well as being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease,  when I saw Susan’s flyer for the SoulBodyDetox retreat, I felt I had to check it out.

On the retreat, Susan was always there, so attentive, knowledgeable and wonderfully supportive and understanding. Come the day of the colonic, and afterward, I felt so good! The most relaxed I have ever been! I really liked this new Emma.  Since the retreat, I have quit coffee, wheat and my addiction to sugar. I am seeing it as an experiment with my diet and not being too hard on myself, but I am pretty proud to be off the coffee/alcohol/sugar since then. It is a big change and I hope I can maintain it. I’m looking forward to looking and feeling younger. I am less anxious and sleep a lot better ever since. I will definitely do this again. I also had clearer insights mentally. I want to feel that chilled out all the time.

Thank you, Sue. I felt very safe and knowledgeable in the hands with you.


Weeks after the retreat I am experiencing improved mental clarity more emotional balance and much more energy and freedom not just in my body but in my life. – Sula

 Everything we needed to know about the daily programme at Mariposa retreat centre was clearly explained and written down for us. The combination of qi-gong, naturopathic techniques, sunbathing, hands-on food preps, group meals outside, the daily talks and sharing, the walks and resting in the hammock was just right.

Each time I do the liver/gallbladder cleanse I am constantly amazed at how many stones come out. When we went for our colonics at the end of the retreat the colonic hydro-therapist said she had never seen anyone release so many stones. Weeks after the retreat I am experiencing improved mental clarity more emotional balance and much more energy and freedom not just in my body but in my life.

Thank you for being so approachable for answering all of our questions and for being so willing to share your knowledge with us every step of the way