Susan, – it all begins to make sense now to me after my consultation with you. I simply had no idea about my liver and gallstones “damage” – let alone a link between that and possible sinus headaches and eye pain – IBS- back pain – slight asthma etc that we talked about.

After ten years of pain I’m simply thrilled to think that we are really seem to be getting to the bottom of it and have found out what is happening. And providing me with a method for healing.

I’m looking forward to getting started on

liver and gall bladder cleanse
taking Chanca Piedra stone breaker ( as a tea)
water hydration glass of warm water every hour
vitamin D assessment
hemp seed in preference to flax
and anger / betrayal / work with to release
Thank you for a very interesting and informative iridology consultation and advice – I feel that I am a brilliant path back to health – thank you