Thank you for your information, which I have been digesting! I guess it was a relief to know what I am dealing with now after years of feeling that there was something wrong but not being able to understand it as I’m actually never ill! I knew from the work that I had previously done with someone else, that following his Lightforce foods way of life certainly had a positive impact on my health and wellbeing, but I think that over the last 6 months I have let wheat and dairy slip back in a bit more than ‘once in a while on special occasions!’. Because my skin had continued to be clear I had thought that I could get away with it. Everything you said made a lot of sense and after getting over the ‘no cacao’ information I accept what needs to be done!

I previously had an allergy test done, which came back with all animal milks, eggs and brazil nuts as definite allergens.
Since leaving your practice, I have had no wheat, dairy, runaway sugars or cacao and have cut out broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower. I have been taking my temperature and so far the readings have been
Week 1 36.6, 36.3, 36.3, 36.4
Week 2 36.3, 36.3, 36.5 (today).
I am guessing that these results will confirm your suspicions regarding possible underactive thyroid?

My diet mainly consists of raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds. I do eat some cooked veg and I also eat fish. I eat a lot of coconut products – milk, oil, flesh etc. I eat a lot of olives, avocados, nuts and seeds and a mixture of salad ingredients. I eat apples, pears, berries and nectarines. I used to have a raw cacao elixir in the mornings which had lots of herbs in but now I am not having this. I make green juices with apples, celery, cucumber, courgette, ginger, turmeric and lime then blended with avocado.

I will give  the liver cleanse  another go though as I know it has worked in the past.
And my boyfriend has noticed that my eyes are brighter and my body is looking leaner