I was so fortunate to get a private Iridology consultation with Susan in Glasgow. I was curious as I knew nothing of Iridology, I was not sceptical, I just didn’t know. Susan was pure joy and delight, she kept it simple for me to understand; I got to see a side of my eyes I’ve never seen before, beautiful intense pics and information held within our eyes. Not knowing me and by looking into my eyes she told me about my family’s genes passed on, explained the colouring in my eyes and physical ailments I am dealing with and she was spot on and the most special part about meeting Susan and her Iridology appointment, was that she combined all of this information with her other passions of Raw Vegan and Yoga. With the follow -up notes she sent me I’m now on a path that’s making me feel 100% better already, I’m digging my heels in and sticking with it. So thank you, Susan, you’re an amazing inspiration! I look forward to seeing you next time you’re in Scotland. Thank you for your sparkliness!