Testimonials for Multidimensional Iridology with Naturopathy & Nutrition and Liver Cleansing


Depression, Anxiety Attacks, and Pregnancy by Jade

Initially, I went to see Susan to help with my depression and anxiety attacks. I told her nothing about my other health issues but she picked from the iridology session that I may have PCOS – which I did have

I was told by gynecologists that I was lucky to have one child and not to expect any more. Reluctantly I took a pill called Dianette, which was supposed to help PCOS, but it didn’t, so I came off it and went on Susan’s food plan that she recommended.

Would you believe that less than 3 months after first seeing Susan I was pregnant! and we weren’t even trying!!! We slipped up once! With our first child, we were trying for years.

The doctor was astounded too and asked how we managed that one. Our surprise baby is almost 4 and I thank Susan from the bottom of my heart.


Fatigue and adrenal health by Rachel 

Thank you for your information, which I have been digesting. I guess it was a relief to know what I am dealing with now after years of feeling that there was something wrong but not being able to understand it as I’m actually never ill. I knew from the work that I had previously done with someone else, that following his Prana food way of life certainly had a positive impact on my health and wellbeing, but I think that over the last 6 months I have let wheat and dairy slip back in a bit more than once in a while on special occasions. Because my skin had continued to be clear I had thought that I could get away with it. Everything you said made a lot of sense and after getting over the no cacao  advice, I accepted what needed to be done.

I previously had an allergy test done, which came back with all animal milks, eggs and brazil nuts as definite allergens.
Since leaving your practice, I have had no wheat, dairy, processed sugars or cacao and have cut out broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower. I have been taking my basal temperature and so far the readings have been
Week 1 36.6, 36.3, 36.3, 36.4
Week 2 36.3, 36.3, 36.5 (today).
I am guessing that these results will confirm your suspicions regarding possible underactive thyroid?

My diet mainly consists of raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds. I do eat some cooked veg and I also eat fish. I eat a lot of coconut products – milk, oil, flesh etc. I eat a lot of olives, avocados, nuts and seeds and a mixture of salad ingredients. I eat apples, pears, berries, and nectarines. I used to have a raw cacao elixir in the mornings which had lots of herbs in but now I am not having this. I make green juices with apples, celery, cucumber, courgette, ginger, turmeric, and lime then blended with avocado.

I will give the liver cleanse another go as  I know it has worked in the past.

Kidney Disease by Rhoda

I was informed by my nephrologist 3 months ago that my kidney function had fallen to 20%, i.e. end-stage kidney disease, and should it fall further I would have to seriously consider dialysis. Living on my own and having a very active job involving travel, whilst enjoying travel as a hobby, this was devastating news. I immediately had a consultation with Susan who gave me some very sound dietary advice which I followed to the letter. 1 month ago I had more blood tests and found that my function had recovered to 36%. I would recommend a consultation with Susan to anyone, (even if they feel that they are in good health) for an insight into their inherited tendencies and advice on defeating disease without drugs.


Hormonal imbalances by Natasha 

Thanks for today, I enjoyed meeting you and was fascinated by iridology, I’m so glad I decided to come up and see you

Please send the instructions for the SoulBodyDetox liver and gallbladder flush and also the documents on the liver/endocrine system.

I’ve been wondering why on earth I felt it was you I had to come and see as opposed to the iridologist/naturopath right on my doorstep, I definitely felt drawn and liked the way you explain iridology on your website. One of the key things you mentioned, though, feels like the plant medicine I feel sure not many practitioners would be encouraging this or have had experience of it. Feels very resonant for me. Thank you for your help


Spleen and liver energy by Mark

I would just like to say thank you to Susan for a very enlightening session in which some things were made clear to me about keeping my body in better balance. In particular, Susan demonstrated excellent knowledge of the liver and spleen areas and how they related to the condition of my body, the emotions, and how connected I was to mother earth. I will now be undertaking a SoulBodyDetox liver and gall bladder cleanse upon her advice and changing the way I eat by eating foods with more heat and mild spices to get my body back into balance after and before this cleanse. I feel better already thinking about eating these different foods. I was also amazed at the accuracy of the session too and the feedback I received. Thank you Susan once again for your patience, understanding, excellent knowledge and compassion. Much recommended to anyone.


 Asthma, sinus headaches, eye pain and gallbladder by Jeremy 

Susan, – it all begins to make sense now to me after my consultation with you. I simply had no idea about my liver and gallstones damage – let alone a link between that and possible sinus headaches and eye pain – IBS- back pain – slight asthma etc that we talked about.

After ten years of pain, I’m simply thrilled to think that we really seem to be getting to the bottom of it and have found out what is happening. And provide me with a method for healing.

I’m looking forward to getting started on

SoulBodyDetox liver and gall bladder cleanse
SoulBodyDetox Kidney  cleanse and drinking Chanca Piedra stone breaker ( as a tea)
Water hydration with a glass of warm water every hour
Vitamin D assessment
Hemp seed in preference to flax
And anger / betrayal / work  to release
Thank you for a very interesting and informative iridology consultation and advice – I feel that I am a brilliant path back to health – thank you.





Celiac disease by Olwyn

I visited Sue for help with my complex intestinal problems, including damage caused by the untreated Coeliac disease. Sue has advised me about changes to my diet and nutritional supplements and now I am feeling so much more healthy with improved energy levels. People even remark on how great my skin and hair are looking. The journey has had its ups and downs but Sue has given me support and guidance all the way. Sue has a fantastic knowledge of the body and has given me lots of information and knowledge. Now I am starting to feel confident in my own understanding of my body’s needs, thanks to Sue.


Feeling better by Kat (yoga teacher)

I was so fortunate to get a private Iridology consultation with Susan in Glasgow. I was curious as I knew nothing of Iridology, I was not skeptical, I just didn’t know. Susan was pure joy and delight, she kept it simple for me to understand; I got to see a side of my eyes I’ve never seen before, beautiful intense pics and information held within our eyes. Not knowing me and by looking into my eyes she told me about my family’s genes passed on, explained the colouring in my eyes and physical ailments I am dealing with and she was spot on and the most special part about meeting Susan and her Iridology appointment, was that she combined all of this information with her other passions of Raw Vegan and Yoga. With the follow -up notes she sent me I’m now on a path that’s making me feel 100% better already, I’m digging my heels in and sticking with it. So thank you, Susan, you’re an amazing inspiration! I look forward to seeing you next time you’re in Scotland. Thank you for your sparkliness!


Motivation and inspiration by Patrick

My consultation with Susan was a very interesting and worthwhile experience with her reading of my eyes correlating very closely to my own feelings about possible imbalances and weaknesses within my body. Susan’s knowledge of herbs and nutrition shone through in the consultation with her being able to recommend a variety of nutritional and herbal protocols to bring balance back into my body. Overall a great experience which motivated and inspired me to move further forward with my health. I would recommend Susan to anyone who has the desire to learn where their health may be at and how to bring it further upscale.


Iridology consultation blew me away by Terri 

I would like to thank you, Susan, for my session with you, it completely blew me away. I would never have imagined the eyes hold so many secrets towards your own health and state of mind. I felt as though you read my soul and listed every single one of my personality traits without ever having met me before. What a beautiful tool the eyes are. I came away with so much positivity and information to help improve my health. You truly are a lovely lady with so much wisdom and advice to offer. I am extremely pleased I had the pleasure to meet with you and hope we meet again in the future    


Positive changes to diet by Ann

After seeing Susan I have recommended her to 3 contacts who all don’t know what is wrong with their bodies and one who wants to know what her health tendencies are. Now with a water filter jug and kettle, I have made positive changes to my diet and will see in 6 weeks the improvements. Susan without knowing anything about me stated accurately exactly what body was struggling with, which convinced me it was not only a theory but a science


 Wonder and amazement by big love j – ashtangayogaleeds.com

A fingertip cannot touch itself, an ear cannot hear itself – and under normal conditions, an eye cannot see into itself – so it was with wonder and amazement that I gazed into my own eye – magnified 1000 fold – it was like looking into a galaxy – such depth and mystery. Microcosms offer one a glimpse into the macrocosm – so it seems with the eye – the part reflects the whole – thus through iridology, we can learn a little more about ourselves.


Stopping dairy and coffee by Fiona 

I’ve been telling lots of people about my iridology consultation and how if was the best money I’ve spent! It’s quite amazing that you can glean so much from the iris and certainly beats food intolerance testing. Stopping dairy (and coffee) has resulted in my having a significant increase in energy and focus and my breathing is lots better too. I just feel healthier and more lively


Acid Reflux by Paul

Before I met Susan I couldn’t go to bed at night without having some Rennies by the side of the bed. I suffered from a horrible acid reflux attack when I woke up and couldn’t breathe due to the acid in my throat. After following Susan’s advice from an Iridology consultation I gave up dairy, pastry, processed foods and foods high in sugar. As a result, I now get a proper night’s sleep due to having much less mucus in my system. I no longer feel bloated and have loads more energy during the day. Thanks, Susan for making my life much healthier.


Emotional and spiritual  health by Lynne

I found the session very informative, but never realized you could tell so much about a person’s physical, spiritual and mental well-being from looking closely at the eyes in this way, especially when you asked me about my father and the part he played in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the session.


Testimonials for  SoulBodyDetox Liver, Gallbladder Cleanses 


It is your health insurance – Rachel

I am a big fan of liver cleansing and this was the 8th time that I had gone through the process. Each time I get slightly different results, but there is always an improvement in my overall health.

After the first couple of cleanses I experienced the most dramatic changes in my health; with my skin problems completely clearing up immediately after the first cleanse. Now I look upon this cleanse as real health insurance, as it is a way of ensuring my body can function at its optimum and keep as young as possible both on the inside and out. I am still releasing stones – even though I have done many cleanses before.  It is a very deep cleanse, and the body goes through many noticeable changes through the week with any puffiness or bloating disappearing.


Giving up wheat and dairy for good – Joanna

I felt healthy and fit, swimming and running, so I really didn’t think I needed to do the flush and I had previously given up wheat and dairy a couple of times.

After about 6 SoulBodyDetox cleanses or so, each cleanse became a stepping-stone to completely giving up wheat and dairy. Everyone says you feel so much better afterward because you don’t crave to put back all the toxins you just flushed out. This gives you the strength to make lifestyle choices that for some of us are just huge. Without the wheat and dairy, I am less bloated, less prone to depressive moods, my joints feel more mobile, especially in my lower back and hips. I am running much further.

Lots of people have asked me what I have done.
 The changes I have felt, I could say that I wish I had done it years ago. But that’s the other thing about making huge changes – instead of regretting the things of the past, you tend to be able to live more in the moment, simply being grateful that you finally did find a way, you have a little more happiness, your happiness is not dependent on cheese, bread, wine, and that in the end it all wasn’t as awful as you imagined, and it is quickly over!



I saw hundreds of gallstones pass into the toilet – Jonny

I was amazed at the diagnosis that Susan was able to give me of my symptoms and their root causes by simply looking into my eyes with her iridology equipment. I had a sinus inflammation, liver and backache, trouble breathing, low energy and digestive issues. She picked up on the headache, neck pain, trouble breathing, low energy, liver ache, and digestive issues whilst looking at my eyes. Susan explained that the cause was a congested liver and intolerance to dairy and wheat which was causing inflammation and mucous in my blood. This was causing sinus pain, neck pain, and digestive issues. She also picked up on erratic blood sugar levels, underactive thyroid and exhaustion in my adrenals, causing the low energy. It was a huge relief for me to get an honest insight into what was going on in my body! Much better than the antibiotics and steroids that were offered to me by the doctor after he had a quick look in my nose for sure! She suggested I do a 5-day SoulBodyDetox liver and gallbladder flush and to remove dairy and wheat from my diet, she also gave me some very useful dietary advice -good steamed vegetables, sprouted grains, soaked nuts, healthy fats such as coconut and avocado and fermented foods.

I have just finished my liver flush, it was an amazing/liberating/shocking experience – I couldn’t believe what I saw coming out of my body! I saw hundreds of gallstones pass into the toilet, some the width of my thumb! Two days after the flush now and I’m feeling like I’ve just about recovered, it can be an intense experience – I experienced some nausea, strong emotions coming up and low energy. The immediate changes I can feel at the moment are my neck and shoulders feel a lot less tense and my sinuses feel a little less inflamed than usual. I intend to continue on the diet and will also undergo some more flushes in the future.

I am aware of some of the dismissals that the liver flush has been given by certain sources but personally, I believe that we have to be open and autonomous in our own free thinking if we are to find the truth. It comes down to whether you are willing to listen to the testimonies of people who have undergone this cleanse and do some research into it for yourself or simply listen what I see as smear campaigns by bribed doctors that are part of a huge pharmaceutical industry. Just look at the advertisements for cigarettes from the 50s – doctors, dentists and scientists giving information on research that negates the adverse health effects of smoking. I have full respect for many doctors as they are there to help you and are very knowledgeable of the body but we have to look at the bigger picture – why are there so many expensive drugs involved with the medical system? Why is there very little emphasis on achieving good health through diet and lifestyle? Who is it that benefits from the sale of drugs and do those same people have invested interest in natural health solutions being removed as competition?

All I can say is that I’m sure taking antibiotics would not have helped me in any way and would surely have made things worse. Perhaps steroids would have covered up some symptoms but they would be sure to come back because they do not address the root cause of the problem. Visiting Susan was so reassuring for me as she is living proof of the benefits of her own practice, having overcome ill health herself only to come out on the other side with shining good health. Most importantly, you know that she cares about you and she is a very kind and compassionate woman. I recommend that anyone thinking about doing this flush to get some professional advice first and seriously consider attending one of her cleanse retreats. Follow the instructions given carefully – don’t over do it on the Epsom salts as after some research I discovered that this can be dangerous in high amounts. Go on some walks in nature, relax and take things easy – allow your body some space to heal. There you have it, big thanks to Susan for your help!

Bile Stones released from detox retreat participants

Bile Stones released after liver gallbladder cleanse

Pain in one knee joint has completely disappeared  – Andrew

The benefits of doing the SoulBodyDetox liver, gallbladder cleanse were amazing for me on several layers. Firstly the extra vitality and energy it brings to your body and mind is reason enough to invest in your health.

This cleanse also brought me clarity of mind and improved emotional health. I felt connected and grounded. Less stressed and more mindful. Friends and family noticed my change of mood, and my calmer, clearer reactions to the stresses of life.  My skin was glowing and my digestive health has improved. The best part was a pain in one knee joint has completely disappeared.


Feeling so much better – Tareck

I decided to try the SoulBodyDetox liver, gallbladder cleanse, that was manageable and clear regards process and instruction.

I feel so much better as a result, and definitely, feel the desire to do another. I’m meditating easier, feel better and far more in the flow these days, due to the changes I’ve made listening to Susan. There’s no doubt Susan has some very useful key knowledge that everyone can benefit from and I am thankful to know her.


Improved health benefits so quickly after several years of chronic illness – Lucy

The experience is worth it by the tenfold for the long-lasting changes and healing. Susan’s tips for the protocol were a life-saver as I experienced little to none detox reactions, also not forgetting her wisdom and knowledge on the subject.

I can feel that my digestion is less sluggish and more revved up, my skin is clearer and softer, the whites of my eyes are whiter, my long-time eczema is going away, my head feels clearer and despite general sleepiness, I am managing to be more productive with my days. I am already experiencing so many improved health benefits so quickly after several years of chronic illness


I am not in some kind of confused, lost zombie state any longer – Kate

I feel more in tune with my body. It is obvious to me that food has a direct impact on your physical and mental health. I have just completed my seventh liver, gallbladder cleanse on the SoulBodyDetox retreat.

My moods are a lot better. I am not so up and down anymore. My consciousness seems to have changed. I am more clear-headed, focused and I feel closer to nature, and to my true self. I perceive things differently, I feel a lot stronger and resilient within myself as well as feeling like I have softened, and feel more open to people. A lot of things came up about myself that I didn’t realize, sometimes some hard truths I didn’t want to see!  My energy levels have increased. My figure has changed for the better. I feel sexier and more confident both physically and mentally.

I am not in some kind of confused, lost zombie state any longer.


It is like an internal and external Feng Shui experience – Susan

Each time I have delved into liver cleansing, I have noticed a profound change from within on many levels. Whilst carrying out the SoulBodyDetox liver, gallbladder cleanse, I can honestly say, it felt rather like a shamanic experience. I say this for quite a few reasons: it changes your perception on many levels and I am sure this is to do with lack of stimulants going into your body. I also received downloads on what to do next in my life; and, many ideas came to me during these cleanses.
The clarity of mind allows for focus for within. It allows one to connect to our core being. Inner peace is experienced and also a realization of potential inner strength.
Self-discipline helps us to bring focus to what we really need to change in our lives.

The increase in neurotransmitters allows us to feel more patient with ourselves and others. Connections made on many levels. I noticed my writing flowed better as did many other things. Less gunked up cells = less gunk in my life. It is like an internal and external Feng Shui experience


Shocked by the number of parasites being eliminated – Mia

I’m on day two of the SoulBodyDetox five-day liver, gallbladder cleanse
 and parasite cleanse. The results have been incredible! I was shocked by the number of parasites being eliminated.

It has become apparent to me on my personal healing journey the more I let go of, the more room I have to be intimate with me, space to be me. I feel blessed, I feel sensual, strong and empowered and I have more clarity.

I’ve never experienced the physical aspect of eliminating in such a profound way! This detox is a very deep cleansing.

When you see the parasites passing through, it made me realize how much energy these suckers consume from my body. Now I am letting go of old patterns and cycles.


I passed thousands of stones – Paul

I was overweight, had high cholesterol levels, had been diagnosed with gallstones, felt tired all the time, and my moods were particularly low. I came across Susan and after the iridology consultation, I decided I was going to go ahead with the SoulBodyDetox liver, gallbladder cleanse. I followed all the steps to the T. Because I had gallstones, the preparation time involved cleaning out my bowel first. I did those over a period of time with colonics.
I then did the 5-day liver cleanse. The results were amazing! I passed thousands of stones. From soft tiny, green ones, to bigger, more solid ones. They continued to pass out throughout the whole day.

After just one cleanse, I felt so different. There was a feeling of clarity and peacefulness. More importantly, my gallstones had dissolved as I went back for a scan and there were no more stones to be seen. I lost weight and so I will continue with another cleanse. I feel like a different person.


No more acne Sam

After years of suffering from acne and anxiety I decided to try the SoulBodyDetox liver, gallbladder cleanse. I had eaten a fairly healthy diet for a number of years as I had become more aware of healthy nutrition and exercise. After completing a few of these cleanses my acne disappeared and I no longer suffered from anxiety. During each cleanse, I let go of green putty like stones and big hard stones of different colors.  I will continue to carry out the cleanses until there is nothing left in the liver.
A big thank you to you Susan



My consciousness has shifted – Rox

You are what you eat as the saying goes. I love my food. I have been a lacto- vegetarian for twenty years. I have been experimenting with raw food for around a year, yo-yo-between various approaches but not really seeing any worthy results. Part of my intention was to address this issue 

 Surprisingly, I did not feel hungry during the cleanse. And after the cleanse I felt elated and I am pleased to say the feeling has lasted. Whilst I can notice some obvious benefits: glowing skin, weight loss and feeling more energized, the greatest benefit has been in how my consciousness has shifted.



I feel more alive and energized – Sara

This SoulBodyDetox liver, gallbladder cleanse has been absolutely amazing! During this cleansing process, I noticed that my whole body responded positively to the plant-based, mucus-free raw food and accompanying naturopathic treatments. I had better digestion, improved mood and feeling more in-tune. During the cleanse I experienced no hunger.  During the colonic that I passed a lot of candida, bile stones, and parasites. Now I feel more focused and ready for NOW, alive and energized. So many people commented on how fabulous I looked, particularly my skin.


I feel re-energized after one week and lost 3KG – Barry

Thank you for your inspiring energy and setting me on the path with liver cleansing and detoxing and Kambo. I feel re-energized after one week and lost 3KG 


The most relaxed I have ever been! I really liked this new Emma – Emma

Having had issues with my liver for the previous year as well as being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.

Come the day of the colonic, and afterward, I felt so good! The most relaxed I have ever been
! I really liked this new Emma.  Since the cleanse, I have quit coffee, wheat and my addiction to sugar. I am seeing it as an experiment with my diet and not being too hard on myself, but I am pretty proud to be off the coffee/alcohol/sugar since then. It is a big change and I hope I can maintain it. I’m looking forward to looking and feeling younger. I am less anxious and sleep a lot better ever since. I will definitely do this again. I also had clearer insights mentally. I want to feel that chilled out all the time.
Thank you, Sue. I felt very safe and knowledgeable in the hands with you.